Transparent Baby Boxes

Transparent Baby Boxes


It's not everyday that you get to celebrate the arrival of your little one with family and friends!  These customizable white trimmed transparent boxes make a great centerpiece, backdrop, or photo prop! You can customize these boxes by filling them with balloons, LED lights, tissue paper, or whatever your heart desires.


Make your event memorable with these eye catching decorations.  

  • 4 White trimmed Transparent Boxes
  • 4 White letters, 2-B, 1-A, 1-Y
  • 4 Double-sided adhesive circles
Optional Add-on: 5inch Balloons
  • Assembly Tip


    • Transparent boxes can fit five to six 5inch balloons dependig on how much you inflate them. 
  • Please Note

    Due to the nature of shipping heavy paper products there may be slight deformation on the corners. However once the box is fully assembled you will not be able to see it.